What a Morning

Earlier this week I made a trip out to the Rockies, I decided to head out late after work and slept in the back of my car for the night. There wasn’t much sleeping I kept waking up every hour to check the sky, I was hoping to catch a shot of the Milky Way at Herbert Lake. 12am, 1am , 2am, 3am all fly by and the clouds just kept sitting there. Then suddenly the clouds finally parted (partially), I still have to work on the image a bit more.

After shooting the Milky Way, and acting like a fool screaming in the dark to avoid any wild animals approaching, I jumped in my car and headed for Emerald Lake. When I got there I did a quick walk around and found my spot. I set up my gear being careful not to drop anything in the lake. I sat back and waited, then mother nature did her magic. Check out what I got!