Three Little Bears

This week I took a couple days and ventured off to the mountains as I usually do. I didn’t really have an agenda or destination in mind when I started, I was letting my gut and a little luck guide me.

I ended up at Emerald Lake for sunrise one morning (see my last post for details), once I wrapped there I started to make my way back home. Along the way I stumbled across a family of 3 Black Bears, a mama and 2 cubs. They were the cutest little things I’ve ever seen. I found it amazing to watch as mama kept close watch of them and how the little ones bumped and stumbled around like goofy little kids normally do.

I spent around 30 min shooting from the edge of the road, standing out of my sunroof to get a clear shot. A few semi trucks flew by spooking the little ones into the bush, eventually they came back.

This was my first time getting some half decent shots of cubs, this year was the first time I had ever seen them in the first place. So adorable, now I know why photographers are addicted to looking for them.