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Growing up my Grandmother was always artistic, crafting, painting, creating, it was here that I started to catch the bug. She encouraged me to see things differently, to create, to explore, to dream. Around 10 I found Photography, the family camera would tend to go missing. Saving my allowance I would buy rolls of film to photograph anything and everything around.
At 14 I began to venture to the Rockies with my friends to snowboard some of the most amazing mountains in the world and of course the camera was in tow. An old 35mm Minolta! When I turned 21 I moved to Toronto and attended Film school where I learned how to create motion picture films and television production. Something just kept calling me back to photography though.
Since college I have taught myself many of the photographic techniques I use today, continuously studying the works of photographers old and new. Some of those whom inspire me are Ansel Adams, Peter Lik, Nick Brandt and Platon. I use their work to propel my own and push myself to be that much better tomorrow.
Over the past year few years I have been trying to figure out what photography means to me and what I wanted my work to achieve. I began to think about how much negativity, suffering and destruction there is in the world. When we are faced with constant news of violence and loss it can make it seam like there is no hope. It does not have to be that way, we all have a choice and sometimes that choice just needs encouragement.
So this is my mission, my guiding light.
To inspire others to do the best they can, to succeed and to be strong enough to fail, to be better than they were the day before.
To find love for one another despite differences, to ignite a passion for making a difference. To give more than we take and leave the world better than we found it.
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Toronto Film Institute – 2004-2006 


Nationaly Accredited Landscape Photographer 


The Camera Store 2019 – Travel Photography (Intro)

The Camera Store 2019 – Travel Photography (full)

Sony BeAlpha Live 2021 – B&H Booth -Responsible Wildlife Photography

B&H Photo 2021 -“5 Tips for Respectful Wildlife Photography” 

B&H Photo 2021 -Wildlife Week – “Keeping it Wild – A Conversation about wildlife photography”

Publishing (print):

Rogers Magazine 2006 – Upcoming musicians article

Metro Photo Competition 2007 – First Place Canadian – (Lafarge Trails)

Digit Camera Magazine Issue 223 – 2019

Digital Photographer Magazine – Issue 226 – 2020

Digital Photographer Magazine –  Issue 227 – 2020

Publishing (online):

New York Post – Written Article and video March 2019 – Written Article March 2019 – Written Article March 2019 – Written Article March 2019 – Written Article March 2019 – Written Article Jan 2019 – Written Article Jan 2019

The Weather Network – Photo Feature 2014 – (Wrath) – Photo of the Day Jan 2 2017 (Sunburst Sunset) – Photographer of the Month Jan 2017 

Canadian Destinations – Photo Feature Jan 5 2017 (Walk the Line)

Stone Ridge Mountain Resort – Photo Feature Jan 8 2017 (Walk the Line) – Various Wildlife Articles – 2017 (Yogi)

Nikon Canada – Photo Feature – June and May 2017 (Beam Me Up and Cape Spear)

Outdoor Photography Canada – Photo Feature –  April 2017  (Sunwapta Falls)

Canada Geo Magazine – Photo Feature – Sept 2017  (Niblet Views)

  National Geographic – Your Shot – 2017

National Geographic – Your Shot Editors Choice – 2019

Enchroma – Colourblind Article – 2019

Solo Exhibitions:

Deville Coffee – Calgary – 2016 to present

Group Exhibitions:

Metro Photo Competition – Edmonton 2009 – (Lafarge Trails)

Western Photography Showcase – Calgary Stampede 2016

Radljost – Icelandic Show – Resolve Photo 2016

Exposure Festival – Motion Gallery 2017 

Exposure Festival – Emerging Photographer Showcase 2017 

Western Photography Showcase – Calgary Stampede 2017

Western Photography Showcase – Calgary Stampede 2018

Nikon Canada TIFF Gallery – Toronto 2019

TV, Cinema & Online Appearances:

LeWe TF1 News – Ice Cave Interview – Iceland 2019

New York Post – Colourblind Video – 2019

Daily Mail – Colourblind Video & Article – 2019

DIY Photography – Colourblind Video & Article – 2019

PetaPixel – Colourblind Video & Article – 2019

Story Trender – Colourblind Article – 2019

Right This Minute – Colourblind Video & Article – 2019

NewsyPeople – Colourblind Video & Article – 2019

Unilad – Colourblind Video (400k views) – 2019

USA Today – Colourblind Video & Interview – 2019


Metro Photo Competition 2007 – First Place Canadian – (lafarge trails)

Epson Pano Awards 2015 – Bronze Award Open and Amateur class – (sky on fire, aurora pond, flat rock, shifty, ocean bound)

Epson Pano Awards 2016 – Silver Award Amateur class – (sleeping giant, hourglass, winter reflections)

Epson Pano Awards 2016 – Bronze Award Open class – (banff under goliath, three sisters reflection, milky way, chinook arch, golden beach, winter reflections)

Awards 2017
Awards 2015