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July.15 2024 Deadline


It has always been a dream of mine to visit Alaska, with its incredible wild places, mountain ranges and wildlife. For the past three years I have been trying to secure camping permits at Brooks Falls in the Katmai National Park. Sadly I’ve never been able to secure permits UNTIL NOW, I was able to find some canceled permits at the absolute prime in July. 

Help me make a dream come true…read below for details

 But why Brooks Falls?

 Brooks falls is situated between Brooks Lake and Naknek Lake on a small river connecting the two. Every year in July hundreds of thousands of  sockeye salmon swim up river to migrate to gravel beds for spawning. They converge at the bottle neck on the river at Brooks Falls, this is where they all have to make the leap from the lower river to the upper river. Thanks to this phenomenon the local Grizzly Bear population have learned to use this area to their advantage. The bears will sit atop the waterfall and catch unsuspecting salmon mid air, others will wade in the waters below the falls to pounce on disoriented snacks. Each day visitors can see uptown 30 bears all working at bulking up for the year. This place is the only spot in the world where humans have the ability to watch this in action, hence how hard it is to get permits.  

Video Courtesy of "The Wildlife Collective"
The Plan:

With Permits secured and time away set. I will be starting my long 39hr 3500km (7000km RT) drive to Anchorage Alaska. From there I will be taking a series of small float plains into the Katmi National Park to Brooks Falls.


Making the long trek from Alberta into BC, up though the Yukon and finally Alaska. Doing this route via the Alaskan HWY will allow me to capture some stunning landscape and with any luck wildlife images along the way. A much more connected journey than driving.

The Numbers


$60 CAD


$2600 CAD


$300 CAD

Float Plane  

$1900 CAD


$4860 CAD

Screenshot 2024-06-28 at 11.13.00 PM

Your Contribution

This is where I need your help! Because getting these permits was so last minute I never expected to have the chance to go. Now I am scrambling to finance the flights and fuel needed to get to Brooks Falls.

A target of $6000cad is needed to cover the costs of making the prints and the remaining will go towards the expedition

I have created a few ways for you to help me reach this goal: 

  1. I have introduced new smaller print sizes at very alluring prices in my PRINT SHOP

  2. New smart phone wallpaper packs have been made for the first time for purchase… SHOP WALLPAPERS

  3. The Reward Shot

The Reward Shot

For a $100 contribution you will receive a signed 11×17″ print of the bears at Brooks Falls. This image will be limited to only those who have contributed via this reward system.

All of the funds outside of the printing will be used to finance getting to Brooks Falls itself. 

 If you made it this far I want to take the time to thank you! It has always been a dream to make it to Alaska and this means the world to me!

*in the event that the goal amount is not reached anyone that chose “The Reward Shot” option will have the choice of picking another current image for print or a refund.