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2024 Workshops

2025 Workshops

Wandering Wild 

Join David on a curated adventure through some of our worlds most breathtaking locations. From high up in the Canadian Rockies surrounded by winter views akin to snow globes to the dry vast desserts of the Midwest US. Perhaps a trip further North to the land of fire and ice to chase stunning Aurora or maybe walking with some of the planets wild creatures in place like Canada, Alaska and Africa. 

On tour you will learn from David’s 20+ years worth of experience in photography. Learning everything from the fundamental techniques like composition and camera settings to advanced skills like long exposure photography, time-lapse photography and more. David applies his 10+ years of experience as an instructor and knowledge in adult learning to insure that you leave with a wealth of knowledge and understanding. 

Our smaller group sizes allow for more equitable time spent individually as well as flexibility for locations when conditions change. During down time David will take the opportunity to plan together with participants the next locations and explore the world of editing, a vital step in achieving the final image you envision.

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